Exclusive Story about History of Ashes Series Between Main Rivals England & Australia | Fast Sports

The Ashes series is one of the most historic and fiercely contested cricket rivalries in the world, played between Australia and England. The history of the Ashes dates back to 1882 when Australia recorded its first-ever Test victory on English soil at The Oval in London. The defeat was considered so shocking to the English cricket establishment that a satirical obituary was published in The Sporting Times, stating that English cricket had died and "the body will be cremated, and the ashes taken to Australia." Thus, the concept of the Ashes was born. The term "Ashes" symbolizes the mythical trophy that represents the ongoing rivalry between the two nations. The Ashes urn, a small terracotta urn, is said to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail. It remains the symbolic prize that the two teams compete for during each Ashes series. Since that historic moment, Australia and England have engaged in a captivating battle for cricketing supremacy. The Ashes series is typically played in a Test match format, alternating between the two countries every two years. It is known for its intense competition, fierce rivalries, and memorable moments that have etched themselves into cricketing folklore.#Fastsports This is the Official YouTube Channel of Fast Sports. Do subscribe to our Channel for the Latest Sports in Pakistan and Around the Globe. / fastsportspk

31,May 2023