Singapore announces end Horse Racing after 180 yrs | Aryna Sabalenka in Semi-Finals

Singapore has bid farewell to horse racing as the nation makes the decision to repurpose the land for housing development. The move signals a significant shift in priorities, as Singapore aims to address its growing housing needs by utilizing the space previously dedicated to horse racing. Aryna Sabalenka, the talented Belarusian tennis player, advanced to the semifinals of the French Open amidst a notable hand-shake drama. Sabalenka's impressive performance on the court was overshadowed by a controversial incident during the customary post-match handshake. Stay connected and informed about the latest happenings in the world of sports by tuning in to our comprehensive platform. We bring you the most up-to-date information on sports matches, news updates, upcoming fixtures, ongoing tournaments, intriguing sports facts, and captivating video updates. Our platform caters to sports enthusiasts of all kinds, ensuring that you never miss out on the action. #Fastsports This is the Official YouTube Channel of Fast Sports. Do subscribe to our Channel for the Latest Sports in Pakistan and Around the Globe. / fastsportspk

08,Jun 2023